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  1. Hyper-Back Extension

    InFlight Fitness - Hyper-Back Extension Call for price: 800-748-5125

    49.5"(L) x 32.4"(W)
    126cm x 82cm
    98 lbs. (45kg)

    Nine height positions.
    Assist handles. Learn More
  2. Ab Bench

    InFlight Fitness - Ab Bench Call for price: 800-748-5125

    61"(L) x 25"(W)
    155cm x 64cm
    97 lbs. (44kg)

    Ten positions.
    18º to 38º. Learn More
  3. Flat Bench

    InFlight Fitness - Flat Bench Call for price: 800-748-5125

    24"(W) x 54"(L) x 18"(H)
    61cm x 137cm x 46cm
    60 lbs. (27kg)

    Tripod design. Learn More
  4. Dumbell Rack

    InFlight Fitness - Dumbell Rack Starting at: $500.00

    26"(W) x 65"(L) x 31"(H)
    66cm x 165cm x 79cm
    165 lbs. (75kg)

    Holds ten pair hex dumbbells. Learn More
  5. VKR

    InFlight Fitness - VKR Call for price: 800-748-5125

    28"(L) x 42"(W) x 65(H)
    41cm x 108cm x 165cm

    Inward angled arm pads.
    Properly angled grips for dip and knee raise. Learn More
  6. Liberator

    InFlight Fitness - Liberator Call for price: 800-748-5125

    79"(W) x 85"(L) x 85"(H)
    201cm x 216cm x 216cm
    Three weight stacks 200lbs. (91kg) each
    With Optional Leg Press:
    96"(W) x 85"(L) x 85"(H)
    244cm x 216cm x 216cm
    Four weight stacks 200lbs. (91kg) each

    Compact design is less than 8 foot square including optional leg press.
    1" shafts and pillow block bearings on all press arms, large diameter pulleys, 1/4" 4000 pound cables, and .120 wall tubing ensure durability and quiet, smooth movement.
    Exercise stations:
    Lat Pull and Shoulder Press
    Leg Ext/Curl, Bicep Curl, Low Row
    Chest Press, Overhead Tricep, Ab Crunch
    Leg Press (Optional) Learn More
  7. FT1000

    InFlight Fitness - FT1000 Call for price: 800-748-5125

    62"(W) x 38"(L) x 88"(H)
    158cm x 95cm x 222cm
    300 lbs. (135 kg)

    Standard 2:1 cable pull to weight ratio.
    Optional 4:1 cable pull kit available.
    24 exercise heights.
    Integral step to reach pull-up bar. Learn More
  8. Cable Crossover

    InFlight Fitness - Cable Crossover Call for price: 800-748-5125

    159"(W) x 48"(L) x 91"(H)
    (159cm x 122cm x 231cm)
    660 lbs. (300kg)
    Weight stacks 2 x 200 lbs. (90kg)

    Adjustable pulleys for arm and leg exercises.
    Chin-up bar standard. Learn More
  9. Premium Series Half-Rack w/ Olympic Platform #97

    Pro Elite - Premium Series Half-Rack w/ Olympic Platform #97 Call for price: 800-748-5125

    Dimensions: Dimensions: ï Length: 112" ï Width: 100" ï Height: 95" Heavy 7-Gauge Steel ConstructionCustom Logo Option AvailableBench Sold Separately Learn More
  10. Premium Series Multi-Use Rack #96

    Pro Elite - Premium Series Multi-Use Rack #96 Call for price: 800-748-5125

    Heavy 7-Gauge Steal Construction Learn More
Items 41 to 50 of 301 total
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