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  1. 770T

    Cybex - 770T Call for price: 800-748-5125

    This is not your run-of the-mill treadmill. This is a breakthrough designed to encourage serious and casual fitness athletes alike to rediscover the simple joys of running, jogging, and walking. The CYBEX 770T offers better stability, greater comfort, and more entertainment options than any treadmill in our history. Enjoy the ride. Learn More
  2. 750T

    Cybex - 750T Call for price: 800-748-5125

    The CYBEX 750T treadmill is the ultimate effective and efficient workout for members while gym owners get a new level of reliability and performance.

    A powerful motor makes the 750T treadmill a durable machine that stands up to the harshest commercial environment. But the CYBEX 750T is a lot more than a tough guy - it is simply gorgeous with great programming. The deck has an intelligent suspension design which makes it not too hard - not too soft - just right. And the big running surface is designed to be rotated and flipped - 4 times the running time of a standard deck. The 750T is truly the top of the line. Learn More
  3. 625T

    Cybex - 625T Call for price: 800-748-5125

    The 625T is the newest addition to the line of Cybex treadmills. This new commercial workhorse treadmill has been designed off the same platform as the 770T-CT and shares many common mechanical components. The 625T is equiped with our IS3 suspension system to precisely match the body mechanics of running.

    The split-level display design keeps workout profile & metrics as the user's eye level on the upper display while the lower section has a membrane with high contrast color buttons in a centralized area close to the user natural hand position with speed and incline controls at their thumbs. Learn More

    Cybex - CYBEX PRO3 Call for price: 800-748-5125

    The Pro3 Treadmill is a club owner's dream machine. Its unmatched durability makes it the energizer-bunny of treadmills - it just keeps on going after many of our competitors' machines have stopped.

    The low, clean style of the Pro3 looks great in the gym and the low step-up is less intimidating for the new exerciser. With plenty of programs to satisfy the serious runner, the CYBEX Pro3 Treadmill is simple to operate for even the occasional user. And programs can be changed on the fly so there's no starting over if you want to raise or lower the intensity of the workout. Users appreciate the convenience features of the dual water bottle holders, utility tray, and Quick Start. Learn More
  5. CX-445T

    Cybex - CX-445T Call for price: 800-748-5125

    The CX-445T is a full blown commercial treadmill that won't blow your budget or your floor plan. This tread has an ingenious design that provides a wide open running area in an exceptionally small footprint. Just looking at the solid steel dual level design makes a statement that this is a treadmill built for durability.

    Here's a value conscious treadmill that offers one of the most innovative deck designs ever conceived. The CYBEX CX-445T is a treadmill where the runner's foot doesn't hit the front hood, and the Intelligent Suspension deck gives stability to the stride without jarring the back. Ever vigilant about safety, CYBEX provides the safety sentry feature to monitor for unattended treadmill operations. The CX-445T treadmill also offers a multi-colored feedback of heart rate. CYBEX brings science to the art of running and makes it available in a treadmill that is compact and budget-conscious. Learn More
  6. LX-425T

    Cybex - LX-425T Call for price: 800-748-5125


    The LCX-425T is a treadmill that provides runners and walkers with all of the comfort, security and features they demand while offering an amazingly small footprint and a surprisingly large running surface. Perfect for the upscale home and residential condominium but durable enough for the hotel gym.

    The CYBEX LCX-425T treadmill is a commercial-sized running surface in a space saving footprint. The combination of rugged rollers and a powerful motor gives a solid feel that is usually available only in the most expensive commerical models. Lots of convenience features make the LCX-425T the perfect choice for hotels and spas, as well as for exercise enthusiasts who want to have science that captures the art of running in their own home. Learn More
  7. Treadmill

    Cybex - Treadmill Starting at: $1,200.00

    Total Access is a line of Stage 2 IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative) accredited products that allows both disabled and non-disabled individuals to take advantage of fitness training.

    INCLUSIVE FITNESS. CYBEX innovation brings strength and cardio training to a population that has been underserved in the fitness equipment world. Without compromising quality, CYBEX works not only to meet - but to exceed - Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) standards. In doing so, we offer equipment that helps facilities attract a huge diversity of customers and offers people of all ages and abilities a way to improve their fitness levels on equipment that was designed to meet their needs.

    Working with the IFI as a research partner and with disabled people to develop new equipment, CYBEX created and introduced the Total Access line in the United Kingdom. After completing a rigorous testing process, CYBEX became one of the only suppliers with a comprehensive range of stage 2 IFI accredited equipment. CYBEX has a true understanding of the needs of the disabled population, whether they have cognitive, sensory or physical impairments. That said our inclusive equipment is also appropriate and user-friendly for non-disabled clients as well. This ensures that clubs need to purchase only one set of equipment and that all club customers can work out side-by-side on the same machines. Learn More
  8. Treadmill 954i

    Precor - Treadmill 954i Starting at: $1,200.00

    Treadmill 954i Learn More
  9. Treadmill 946i

    Precor - Treadmill 946i Starting at: $1,200.00

    Treadmill 946i Learn More
  10. Treadmill 932i

    Precor - Treadmill 932i Starting at: $1,200.00

    Treadmill 932i Learn More
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