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  1. Upper Body Ergomete

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    Upper Body Ergometer

    Only available NEW.

    The Cateye freestanding Upper Body Ergometer is specifically designed for settings such as those found in Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Clinics. The Upper Body Ergometer has a large backlit LCD display, on screen programming instructions, and hands free load level adjustment using on board foot switches to increase and decrease resistance.

    Exercise Program Specifications:
    HR control
    Training program with a fixed pulse rate
    Setting range: 75 to 168 bpm
    Constant wattage control
    Training with a fixed wattage
    Setting range: 12 to 100 watt
    Setting range: 0.25 to 2.0 kg.m (2.5 to 20 N.m)
    Direction of the Handle Rotation Two ways of normal/reverse rotation
    (Bi-directional resistance)
    Alarm Function Upper pulse limit alarm, Setting time end alarm
    Buzzer Sound Buzzer when a button in pressed, buzzer when training
    User Weight Limit 330 lb (150 kg)

    Optional Item:
    ""Chestbelt wireless pulse sensor kit"" for wireless pulse signal
    transmission (Polaré compatible) Learn More
1 Item(s)
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