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  1. 750R Recumbent Bike

    Cybex - 750R Recumbent Bike Starting at: $500.00

    The new CYBEX 750 series Cycles provide distinct and compelling ways to improve the fitness experience whether users choose the 750C to train for a triathlon or the 750R as they begin their journey to a healthier life. The 750 series Cycles (both upright and recumbent) have three modes of resistance - the only bikes on the market with this kind of versatility. The 750 Cycles deliver more of what users demand, from exceptionally low workloads (20-900 watts) for the beginner to the versatility available in the programming variety and three resistance modes. Learn More
  2. Recumbent Cycle

    Cybex - Recumbent Cycle Call for price: 800-748-5125

    Total Access is a line of Stage 2 IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative) accredited products that allows both disabled and non-disabled individuals to take advantage of fitness training.

    INCLUSIVE FITNESS. CYBEX innovation brings strength and cardio training to a population that has been underserved in the fitness equipment world. Without compromising quality, CYBEX works not only to meet - but to exceed - Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) standards. In doing so, we offer equipment that helps facilities attract a huge diversity of customers and offers people of all ages and abilities a way to improve their fitness levels on equipment that was designed to meet their needs.

    Working with the IFI as a research partner and with disabled people to develop new equipment, CYBEX created and introduced the Total Access line in the United Kingdom. After completing a rigorous testing process, CYBEX became one of the only suppliers with a comprehensive range of stage 2 IFI accredited equipment. CYBEX has a true understanding of the needs of the disabled population, whether they have cognitive, sensory or physical impairments. That said our inclusive equipment is also appropriate and user-friendly for non-disabled clients as well. This ensures that clubs need to purchase only one set of equipment and that all club customers can work out side-by-side on the same machines. Learn More
  3. 842i Commercial Recumbent Cycle

    Precor - 842i Commercial Recumbent Cycle Call for price: 800-748-5125

    842i COMMERCIAL CYCLE Learn More
  4. Recumbent Bike RBK 825

    Precor - Recumbent Bike RBK 825 Starting at: $500.00

    Recumbent Bike RBK 825 Learn More
  5. Recumbent Bike RBK 835

    Precor - Recumbent Bike RBK 835 Starting at: $500.00

    Recumbent Bike RBK 835 Learn More
  6. Recumbent Bike RBK 885

    Precor - Recumbent Bike RBK 885 Starting at: $500.00

    Recumbent Bike RBK 885 Learn More
  7. 95C INSPIRE

    Life Fitness - 95C INSPIRE Call for price: 800-748-5125

    Designed with a new easily adjustable pedal strap, simple seat adjustment and at-your-fingertips resistance controls, the 95C Bike delivers an exceptional fitness experience. Built with years of research and development and the best ergonomic and user-based tests in the industry, the 95C Bike will motivate your exercisers to keep working out at your fitness center. Learn More
  8. 95R INSPIRE

    Life Fitness - 95R INSPIRE Call for price: 800-748-5125

    The 95R features a comfortable seat with improved thigh clearance, your choice of deluxe armrests* or side handlebars, and at-your-fingertips resistance controls enhance the comfort of every user on every fitness level. And the improved pedal strap adjustment makes it easier to get on and start working out. Also, with the Life Fitness commitment to biomechanics research, the Recumbent bike easily accommodates a wide range of body types. Learn More

    Life Fitness - CLSR RECUMBENT BIKE Starting at: $500.00

    Designed with the technology and durable components you expect from a Lifecycle® Exercise Bike.

    The Life Fitness Integrity Series Recumbent Lifecycle® Exercise Bike brings our legacy of fitness to those who prefer a seated position. As the complement to the Upright Bike, it belongs in facilities wishing to provide variety to their customers.

    With the latest aesthetic and entertainment upgrades, all of our Integrity Series cardio products now offer an even more compelling user experience. New iPod® compatibility and integrated iPod/TV controls keep exercisers motivated and entertained throughout their workout. Learn More
  10. 9500RHRT Dove

    Life Fitness - 9500RHRT Dove Call for price: 800-748-5125

    9500RHRT Dove

    Built-in Heart Rate Monitoring
    Ergonomically correct seat with supporting back
    12 Resistance levels
    Self Powered Learn More
Items 1 to 10 of 22 total
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