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Remanufacturing Process

What makes Fitness Equipment Source stand out in its process?

Fitness Equipment Source contracts with major leasing companies and all the top manufacturers of fitness equipment as well as private organizations to acquire there used fitness equipment. Fitness Equipment Source will only purchase equipment that is fully functional and operational. Product names such as Life Fitness, Startrac, Precor, Trotter/Cybex, Quinton/Stairmaster, Bodymaster, Icarian, Paramount, Nautilus. We have created relationships with the manufacturers and they provide us with factory parts for the remanufacturing process.

Once a product has been received, it is completely tested for functionality. Treadmills, for example, are then disassembled to the bare frame. Motors, drive and lift, and alternators are sent to an independent motor house for evaluation and will be remanufactured or replaced to factory specification, and carry one year warranty. All electronics are inspected. All components, i.e. burned out light bulbs, capacitators, etc. are replaced bringing back to factory specifications. Frames are re-painted, new graphics are applied, all wear components are replaced, i.e. walking belts, drive belt and deck, and electronic overlays. The machine is completely reassembled by certified factory trained technicians. Then it goes through a thorough testing of all functions of the machine.


Strength Equipment

All strength equipment upon arrival is fully tested for functionality. Then it is disassembled. Every piece is taken off and individually sand blasted and heated. We do not paint full frame assemblies. They are heated to 1800 degrees to burn off all existing paints. Any remnance of paint is sandblasted off and the frames are annealed. Once a machine is sandblasted, it must be annealed to recapture its original strength, fixing the molecules.

Then the machine is chemically etched with a proprietary material, then powder coated. Then it is etched a second time and powder coated again. This process was developed by NASA. Fitness Equipment Source is the only remanufacturer that utilizes this process, and is one of only two that powder coat in the remanufacturing industry. Others only use liquid paint. Powder coat is the strongest paint available.

Once repainted, it is reassembled, using factory components, replacing all pulleys, cables, bearings and bushings as required. Then it is reupholstered using factory Naugahyde, i.e. US Uniroyal, Spirit Millennium colors, as well as Premium Contact Bolteflex. Stitching is double stitched as does the factory. The foam is replaced with high density, stress relieving foam. Standard frame colors are white, black, and platinum silver. Custom colors can also be done at an additional cost.

After assembly and upholstery, all the graphics are replaced. Then it is fully tested, palletized and shrink wrapped for shipping.

Steppers, Bikes, & Ellipticals

These cardio pieces follow the same process that treadmills require. But in addition, shrouds are repaired and replaced, harnesses are inspected and when necessary replaced. Batteries are replaced in self powered units. Heart Rate connections are repaired or replaced. Rubber hand grips are replaced; pedals and pedal straps are replaced. Crank arm bearings are replaced, sprockets are replaced, all missing end caps are replaced. Electronics are inspected for full functionality. Keypad overlays are replaced. The machine is completely repainted, reassembled and fully tested to make sure the machine is functioning properly. All equipment is then palletized and shrink wrapped for shipping.

Fitness Equipment Source, by virtue of the length of time in business and the amount of equipment we have refurbished, has been able to realize where failures occur and in many cases use components that are stronger, making the machine last even longer.